We Are Professional

Dear Agents , Friends and co-members.

some_text Logistic has grown in the last 16 month rapidly thanks to your and our efforts Our team has grown ……and we have now expanded our offices to 4 location in Vietnam

some_text is present in Hanoi ;Da Nang ; Can Tho and ; Ho Chi Minh City with our Head Quarters

This enable us to handle different industries in a better more hands on performance .Each of these locations in Vietnam has different industries which export …..and also for our service for import as most of the exporters are in need of products .

some_text Has also managed to Group up with one of the biggest exporter for Fruit ,Vegetables,Flowers , Seafood and life Animals here in Vietnam …including handling all permits for im and export .

some_text This enables us to service anyone who needs to serve the above industries .Warehouses ,Packingstations ,Reefer facilities, produce own Dry-ice , Packaging material as per request ….the whole supply chain is available ….up to cooperating with the Farmers ,Growers or Fisherman to make sure the process is done correctly . A Fleet of Trucks are also available for flexible pick-up and delivery in these 4 locations .

This Group also gives us access to the best Airfreight rates and Seafreight rates from Vietnam to anywhere .

We also handle a few contract rates with Shippinglines which have been a great tool and it starts to be known and now our customers and also the customers of the Group are starting to use these contracts .
We also have a great sales team here who is working hard and very efficiently ….so any sales leads we welcome and will take serious .

We also have managed some projects for Power plants and it looks like we are starting to specialise on that a little due to our good connection with the different government departments which are involved to do these projects .
We look forward to work and cooperate with you in the near future to continuously grow and serve you as an agent or friend or member of the same network to the best price and service .

Have a great week your Tam team and HIL Tam Group .